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The Warning From Hell--Tony Capoccia (CD) - 52:36 min

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SKU: TC-004-CD
The Warning from Hell - This sermon looks at the true story, that Jesus told about the Rich Man and the Poor Man Lazarus. The text is Luke 16:19-31, and Jesus is warning the religious leaders and the wealthy elite of Israel, that they cannot love both God and Money. He shows that the Rich Man, who thought his wealth was a sign of God's Blessing and thus he was guaranteed a place in Heaven upon death, did in fact end up in Hell. He also reveals, that the Poor Man, Lazarus, who the Jews thought was cursed of God and was Hell bound, actually went to Heaven! Today, many in the churches think they are going to heaven, but will actually be condemned to hell. A sermon that one needs to hear and take to heart.

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