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Seeking Assurance--Charles H. Spurgeon (CD) - 43:58 min

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King David knew where to run for shelter, in his hour of difficulty. There were many people that opposed him; he had been greatly slandered, and his life was difficult. So, after laying out his situation before the Lord, he turned to the Most High God, crying out to him for help, with only one request, as if this would suffice to relieve him from all of his troubles, he said, "Say to my soul, I am your salvation.” He, therefore, begged God to give him a word from His own mouth, to take up the shield and the sword in his defense, and to be his Defender. "Oh! my God, speak to my soul some assuring words, and it will be enough for me.” 


It is a sign of adoption, a mark of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within us, if in our times of trouble, we run to our God. My dear friends, do you find any difficulty in doing this? Is this not one of your spiritual instincts? Then, be afraid, in case you not a true born-again child of God, for the truly born-again child seeks its Father’s face, and cries out for its Father’s attention, as it crawls slowly upon his Father’s lap.”

I recommend this short prayer to every one present here today — both to the saint and the sinner, to the young and to the old, and to those who are assured of their salvation, and to those who are doubtful of it. — Oh God, "Say to my soul, I am your salvation.” 

Christian, rest content with a word from God to your soul and be satisfied. And as for those of us who have been living in the enjoyment of the full assurance of our own salvation, how thankful we should be! God likes to give to those who are grateful. God loves to pour the river of his abundance into the channel of grace in the soul. Be thankful, and you will keep your assurance — keep it untouched until you die. 


Ask yourself—do you have faith in Christ? You have to believe that the Son of God Himself, Jesus Christ, became flesh. Think of the Son of God bleeding on the cross. It is at the foot of the cross that faith is brought to light. If you want to get the faith, Christ must give it to you. Look to Jesus, look to Jesus for the power to believe as well as for the grace to receive all the benefits that follow. May He give it to you right now! To you, oh! seeker, He will give it! While you are seeking salvation, you will find it near you. He will say to your soul, "I, even I, am your salvation.” May it be so with many here. Amen

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